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Bryony Shaw MA LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #CA106776

"An unexamined life is a life not worth living."

an eclectic approach

What does this mean?  Unlike psychotherapists back in the day who operated mainly from one approach in working with clients, an eclectic approach means pulling out different tools for the job at hand.  Hopefully, one is pulling out the right tool!  


mindfulness and meditation

When one lives life in a mindful way, one builds greater insight, and becomes more in touch with one’s choices.  A mindful human is sensitive to changes in his or her thoughts, moods or body states.  When humans become more mindful, they are able to make stronger choices.

dream work

Meditation provides a way to befriend the conscious workings and activity of the mind as part of choosing to live a more conscious life.  Dream work allows us to befriend the workings of our unconscious mind, and facilitates a way for our unconscious to become an ally in our everyday lives.

Benefits of counselling and psychotherapy

Sharing is Caring

Healing takes place when you share the contents of your inner world with an empathic and compassionate witness. The process of having your feelings validated in addition to being fully seen and heard is incredibly powerful. Sometimes one benefits from being told the way we think is not crazy!

Managing Emotions

People find themselves frequently caught up in their emotions seemingly unable to manage sadness or anger. Some feel powerless to change this aspect of being human, and yet it is possible to learn how to manage emotions.

Trauma Work

A traumatic experience or a history of complex trauma (ongoing traumatic experiences of one or more different types) can wreak havoc with our lives. We can develop poor coping (like substance abuse), or we can have difficulty finding meaningful work and/or relationships. Shining the light on traumatic experience can clear away the cobwebs and breathe new life into your experiences.

Problem Solving

Counselling provides behavioural strategies for conditions like anxiety, depression and addiction. When we are immersed in our situations, it is hard to find solutions. We often finding ourselves trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Counselling can help you see things from a different perspective.

Stress Management

Now more than ever, our lives are changing drastically; it is hard to keep up. This causes stress and without solid coping strategies in place, stress can bring on some most unwelcome symptoms. Time management and other behavioural coping strategies can help to keep stress levels low.

Build Insight

The act of developing greater insight builds deeper self-awareness. Accepting responsibility for one's behaviour and choices is an offshoot of building insight, and it is empowering. The relationship with self becomes more true, and then relationships of every type become more authentic and fulfilling.

creative solutions for complicated problems

Live the life you were meant to live by reaching your fullest potential and living your truth.

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